Denture Clinic HookWelcome to Italdent Hook Denture Clinic.

We provide new and replacement dentures made locally in Hook in our state-of-the-art denture laboratory.

With over 25 years’ experience as Denture Clinicians, we understand how life today has changed the demands we make on our teeth. All our quality dentures are made in a state-of-the-art denture laboratory in Hook, within the unique setting of a dental surgery.

Hook RG27 Dentures

Offering a wide range of denture services to our local Hook clients, as well as other dental clinics and clients across Hampshire, such as:

Every denture is hand crafted by Fabio Bevilacqua, our Clinical Dental Technician. The dentures he produces look like your natural teeth and fit precisely, helping to create definition to your mouth and smile.

You'll be confident in the look and feel of your denture, knowing that it will remain secure when you talk and eat.

Missing teeth? A cost-effective solution is to have Dentures:

New & Replacement Dentures Hook

Hook Denture ClinicIf you are a first time denture patient Hook, welcome to Italdent. Fabio offers two high-quality, removable types of dentures for Hook patients:

  • Premier dentures, which are carefully handmade to reproduce your smile. Working from special measurements, old photographs and digital imaging, Fabio will ensure your new teeth look so natural that others will probably not even notice you're wearing dentures. Using the latest materials and equipment of course helps that process.
  • Essential dentures, which comprise hard plastic teeth on a strong acrylic base that have excellent stain and breakage resistance. Each tooth is individually constructed from three layers of resin to create a natural appearance.

Fabio will guide you through selecting the best denture for you, and will take time and care to ensure you're completely happy with the look, fit and function of your replacement teeth.

We also have many patients referred from other Dental Practices around Basingstoke, Hampshire. Surrey and Berkshire who need a specialist denture clinic and laboratory to produce the highest quality teeth.

Dentures HookSame Day Denture Repair Hook - Dentures Fixed While You Wait

Have you experienced damage to your dentures? Do you need your dentures adjusted? We can sort them whilst you have a coffee and relax in our comfortable waiting room. Click here to read more.

Permanent Dentures

If you want a more permanent solution that ensures your jaw bone is preserved, we can place dental and denture implants that look, feel and act like your natural teeth.

Fixed Dentures attach to titanium dental implants, securing your denture firmly in place. This creates a much more natural effect and gives important support to your neighbouring teeth and underlying jaw bone.

You have the added benefit that you won't need to remove the dentures when cleaning your teeth or going to sleep!

About Fixed Dentures

All-On-4 Fixed Dentures HookAdapting to wearing dentures can be a challenge. Some people can struggle with a denture that is loose. Often it can move when they talk or eat, which can be very frustrating. One of the most cost-effective solutions to a denture that moves is denture stabilisation using dental implants. This offers you a more permanent solution and can improve your quality of life significantly. Yo'll be able to talk and eat, knowing that your dentures are securely held in place.

The dental implants comprise small titanium screws that are inserted in your jaw, to which your new denture is then attached. Dental implants maintain support to your neighbouring teeth and underlying jaw, keeping your whole mouth strong and healthy. Denture implants are long-lasting and provide a secure attachment to your denture, which is made to look and behave like your natural teeth.

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Located in Daneshill, our denture clinic is ideally placed near Hook. We are only 2 minutes from Basing View in Basingstoke town centre.