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White fillings

Many adults have old amalgam (‘silver’) fillings, which can sometimes be unsightly when they smile or laugh. Replacing these amalgam fillings with the latest tooth-coloured or ‘white’ materials can leave your mouth looking much more natural.

This is a popular and safe procedure that requires a short and simple procedure. One of our dentists will remove any decay from your tooth, take out the amalgam filling, then replace it with a new filling that matches the colour of your tooth.

Long Lasting, Natural-Looking Fillings

While historically amalgam fillings have always lasted longer than white fillings, there are now new natural-coloured materials available that are as strong as silver amalgam.

Filling life-expectancy will simply depend on its location in the mouth, its size, and how heavily teeth come together during biting or chewing. You'll be able to smile with confidence, knowing your teeth have a completely natural appearance.

As dentists we believe prevention is always better than cure. The right education, encouragement and help will ensure your teeth stay in optimum condition.

If you do have decay and need a filling, then our advanced white fillings are both an aesthetic and functional choice.

Dental White Fillings Basingstoke


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