Advanced 3D Imaging and Computer-Guided Dental Implant Procedure

Our IUCTA implant approach represents a real innovation in the solutions. Using the latest technology, a totally digital workflow, starting with the patient’s exams, specialist dentists can perform an accurate project, custom made for the individual needs of the patient.

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in dental implants, and to many documented clinical cases, IUXTA-3D subperiosteal implants offer a screw-retained grid allowing patients to obtain an appropriate and reliable bite through prosthetic solutions.

How Does 3D Implant Grid Solutions work?

  • The process starts with the acquisition of the patient’s tomographic imaging and a DICOM file. During the examination, the patient must wear a dedicated radiological grid.
  • 3D is virtually modelled on the anatomy of the patient by the BTK specialists, using a dedicated software. The layout of the device is designed to bear the prosthetic load while guaranteeing the best passive fit. Abutment and screw positions are carefully evaluated on the bases of the prosthetic restoration and in compliance with soft and hard tissues management. The final project is then shared with the Prescribing Doctor, who can make changes and who confirms it before production takes place.
  • Based on the 3D virtual model, BTK milling centre finalizes the device screw-retained abutments through a five-axis machine, ensuring the maximum mechanical precision. The final object meets high purity and microstructural homogeneity standards that guarantee high mechanical performance.
  • Test and Temporary repair: temporary restoration for immediate fitting, with test to ensure the perfect and comfortable fitting of the grid.
  • Final fitting of your new 3D implanted Grid: under local anaesthetic and /or sedation by a qualified dentist your new implant grid and perfect teeth are fitted.
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3D Dental Implant Grid Solutions Laboratory

For many of our dental partners, working with an expert 3D Implant grid surgeon makes for a good symbiotic solution. We bring with us the expertise, equipment and latest techniques. If you want your patients to receive first-class treatment, then we can help. Italdent can support you with part or all of the 3D implant procedure.

3D Dental Implant Grid Solutions Laboratory Basingstoke

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  • Any changes or additions will be discussed prior to any delivered treatments
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  • Each patient will be given a full treatment plan
  • We will provide regular updates to you and your patient
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